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Scarlet Night - Megan J Parker

Serena is a vampire living life in self exile, alone except for her dead fiancĂ©’ ghost, Devon. She cannot let go insisting on looking for a body for him to occupy. Things change however when a fellow vampire, Zane pays a visit. He wants her to return to her clan, to help him.

Their first encounter doesn’t run smooth but she still agrees to leave with him. Something about him fascinates her and her him. Serena soon learns that he isn’t a mere vampire, there is a monster living inside him and it wants to come out and play. But that’s not their only problem, there is another force, a rival that wants to destroy the entire clan. Are Serena and Zane up for the battle?

There is a real mixture of supernatural in here, vampire, ghosts, monsters and a new species, therions. Vampires fight in a new and unusual way in this book, which I like as an extension of their powers. The pace is fast, never quite letting up and the language is strong, I felt I was in the middle of a biker gang once or twice. Obviously it is only a personal opinion, but the bad language is constant and stopped the flow for me once or twice. I liked the inner turmoil from Zane and how Serena could calm his rage.

There was the odd editing mistake, I remember seeing ‘sis’ instead of ‘his’ but nothing major. It is an intriguing story with a twist and boy what a cliffhanger. If you like an easy vampire/monster read with plenty of action, this could be for you.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Divergent - Veronica Roth

In a dystopian society the world has been split into 5 factions. Each created to serve the people the best way they know how. The factions consist of Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent).

Beatrice was born in the abnegation faction and fights her selfish instincts every day. When she turns 16, like all her age, she must complete an aptitude test to determine which faction she would be best suited in for the rest of her life. But the test isn’t clear and she now has a serious decision to make.

Once the decision is made Beatrice moves factions, changes her name to Tris and begins a dangerous initiation to become a dauntless member. She is subjected to both physical and mental endurance that pushes her and her fellow initiates to extremes. Not only does Tris have to undertake these trails but there is something different about her, something that scares those in power and if she can’t hide it, it will mean certain death.

I had high hopes for this book but I have to say the first page had me shaking my head. I realise that this is only a personal opinion, nothing more, but I find it lazy to describe the main character by looking in a mirror, it has to be harder when writing in 1st person but there are plenty of books that show it can be done. Within the first three pages, there was a description of her, her mother and her brother. The writing style took me sometime to get used to. A lot of short, clipped sentences which as it was 1st person made it harder for me to connect with the MC. It wasn’t until the end of chapter three that I wanted to know Tris’ fate.

After what I have just said it seems hard to understand, but it did capture me. I was fascinated by the trails and what they put the children through. I did get the sense of the struggle between her situation and her true nature. It took only a few days to finish it and I pulled a late night in order to get it done, so the story drew me in.

The book concentrated on the initiation and growing relationships, as well as the undercurrent of something worse about to happen. I waited for this bigger event which we saw glimpses of at the very end and wanted more. But that may be the point, wanting you to go out and buy the next instalment.

I enjoyed this book, as a young adult it was an easy read, something you could quickly get through, though for me it felt like a prelude rather than a standalone novel. It set up the next book well.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Afternoon Delights, An Anchor Group Anthology: Release Blitz

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clip_image002Book Info-
Title: Afternoon Delights
Authors : Elise Marion, Karen Swart, Emily Fogle, Elizabeth Marx, Elizabeth Kirke, LP Dover, Kimberly Larson, Jenna Pizzi, Morgan Black.
Genre: Romance (from Contemporary Romance to Erotica)
Audience: Adult
Formats: E-book
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
Cover By: Sprinkles On Top Studios
Editor: Melissa Ringsted
Pages: 130 pages
Date Published: Feb 14, 2014

Afternoon Delights is just the perfect size for a literary nooner! Seven short stories to tease your senses, from sweet and romantic, to hot and heavy. Get a taste of why these authors are well known for their romance.

Book Links-

From Sabella -
Although I tried to avert my gaze, I couldn't bring myself to look away from his beautiful eyes. They pulled me in from the chaos like a lifeline. In the dark blue sea of endless comfort, I was calm and at peace. The last two days of confusion and the whirlwind of emotions were all settled in his eyes.

From The CEO’s Wife-
Blair paused just outside the door to Evan’s office, her heart hammering in her chest. Just on the other side was her husband—her very rich, powerful, sexy husband. When had she become intimidated by him? When had the thought of initiating sex with him become something to worry over as opposed to something fun and sensual?
When she realized she might lose him, that’s when. And now, it seemed like everything depended on what she did next. She needed to prove to Evan that she still wanted him, that she would do whatever it took to save their drowning marriage. She swallowed past the ball of nerves lodged in her throat and placed her hand on the knob. His secretary had told her that Evan was alone in there and had no more meetings until after lunch. Now was her window of opportunity. Yesterday, he’d gone into a hotel with another woman. A slip up she was willing to forgive him for just this once. After she rocked his world, of course. Remind him who he chose, she told herself for the millionth time. Don’t let him get away.
She turned the knob and squared her shoulders, remembering her practiced seduction as she strode into the room, locking the door behind her. Determination kept her chin high and her expression sultry. Confidence swung her hips as she sauntered across the large office. Evan, who had been having a heated conversation on the phone, dropped the handset. Mouth hanging open, he stood. His eyes were wide as they took in her short, blunt blonde bob, fully made up face, black trench coat, and knee-high leather black boots. The heels clicked across the tiles as she came in front of his desk, pausing to strike a pose; legs spread, one hand on her hip.
“Blair?” He smiled. “What have you done to yourself?”
Blair caressed the strands of her bob and smiled. “It’s not what I’ve done to me,” she purred, “it’s more about what I’m going to do to you.”
Evan’s grin widened as he fumbled for the dropped phone. “Carl? Let me call you back.”
Without waiting for a response, he dropped the phone into the cradle and rounded the desk. Blair stopped him before he could grab her with a hand on the middle of his chest. She needed to maintain control of the situation and couldn’t afford to let him touch her just yet. Those hands of his had always driven her wild.
She grasped his silk, blue and grey striped tie and yanked, pulling him behind her toward the desk. He followed happily, his hard body brushing up against hers.
“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it,” he murmured as she turned him, pushing him to sit on the edge of his desk. He reached behind him, shoving papers and files out of the way and obediently perching on the large piece of furniture.
“I seem to remember you always wanted to have sex in here,” she said as she reached for the belt holding her coat together. When Evan was newly promoted to CEO, he’d wanted to celebrate by taking her in the office, but Blair had refused. She’d been worried that someone would catch them, hear them, think she was trashy for doing it. Now she didn’t give a damn what anyone thought. If Evan wanted sex in his office then he was going to get it. From her. “I take it that’s still a fantasy of yours?”
Blair snatched her coat open, revealing the corset, thong, and stockings beneath. They were black and trimmed in red, Evan’s favorite color. His lower lip disappeared between his teeth at the sight, zeroing in on her breasts—which were displayed gloriously in the cups of the corset top.
“Hell yes.”

From My Beloved, Marie -
I reached down and squeezed the water from the washcloth. “Please don’t, Jacob. I don’t look pretty anymore,” she sobbed. Reaching out, I slowly turned her around, her eyes trying to escape mine. Gently, I washed her arms, and then dipped the cloth in the warm water.
“You will always be beautiful to me, my love. Even weak and underfed, you still take my breath away,” I replied softly.
“How can you say that? Look at me!” She was angry, and I could understand why.
“I am, my love, and I always will. I understand your anger and why you believe you don’t look pretty. But I didn’t marry you because of your looks. I married you because you were the bravest girl I have ever met.” I leaned in and kissed her stomach. “I married you because of those beautiful blue eyes filled with mischief.” I kissed her hip, and smiled as goose bumps broke out under my kiss. “I married you because of your stubborn nature, knowing that you would give me a good fight one day.” She laughed a little, and I kissed her other hip. Slowly, pulling her down on to my lap, I reached for her face and made her look at me. “I married you because you stole my heart the moment you looked at me. Yes, I see your body now as it is, but I also know that with my love and attention, you will be healthy again.” I kissed her on her mouth softly.

From Dinner Break - A More than Magic Series short story
I sighed and opened my eyes.
“I can’t,” I admitted. “I can’t think about anything other than that stupid rec center.” I tried, and failed again, to dislodge him and get up.
“Mm. Not good enough. You know, you’ve been here since eight, right? It’s almost eleven. You’ve been working on that crap for fifteen hours.”
“Jesus,” I groaned. “Has it really been that long?”
“See why I’m forcing you to relax?”
I sighed and leaned forward, until my forehead was resting against his. His skin was almost too cold, but I welcomed the discomfort. It gave me something else to think about. He draped his arms over my shoulders in a loose hug. His fingers ran down my back, rubbing in small circles, until they stopped on a painful knot. I closed my eyes, while he worked at it, and we just sat like that for a few minutes. By the time his skin had warmed up to my temperature, he had worked the knot out and found another. I leaned into his hand, feeling more comfortable and relaxed than I had in days.
“You were right. I needed a break,” I whispered.
Danio chuckled. “I know.”
He moved his hand up my back and pressed his fingers against the taut muscles in my neck. A headache I’d had for hours started to mercifully recede. I opened my eyes and found his dark blue ones looking back at me. They were swirling with a mesmerizing blend of blues; a water elemental trait that I had never expected to be able to decode. But now, every shade and ripple was as clear to me as the flaring reds and flickering orange eyes of a fire elemental. His eyes were splashing with merry, relaxed shades of blue. Yet, I could see a telltale trickle of gray, just ebbing and flowing on the edges of his irises. He was still worried about me.
I tilted my head, just a little, leaned forward, and kissed him.

Book Trailer-

About the Authors -
clip_image004Emily Fogle was born and raised in Southern California. Her dream and ultimate goal was to get her Masters degree in English and become a teacher with enough time to write, as well. However, she soon found out that the best dreams often come true when they aren’t planned. Instead of fulfilling her teaching goal, real life took over and she married the man of her dreams. She now has an amazing 7 year old son and a beautiful baby boy.
She dedicates the majority of her time taking care of her family, volunteering at her son’s school, and being a Cub Scout Den leader. And though she loves every minute of it, the thought of being a writer still tugs at her heart. So, after the busy days are done and everyone is finally sleeping quietly, she squeezes in time for all the other loves in her life: the characters running wild inside her head.
Now, incredibly, her writing dream is also coming true. Her first novel, Dragon Wars, is being published by Anchor Group. Emily feels sincerely blessed to have been given so much in life and can’t wait to start the next chapter.
Media Links-
Elise Marion is a lover books and has a special place in her heart for sweet and sensual romance. Writing about love across all walks of life is her passion, as is reaching people through the written word. The Army wife and stay-at-home mother of three spends most of her time taking care of her children. Her second job includes writing stories about characters that people can fall in love with. When the Texas native isn’t caring for her family or writing, you can usually find her with her nose in a book, singing loudly, or cooking up something new in the kitchen.
Contact Elise via email:
Media Links -
Facebook / Twitter / Website

Karen Swart lives in a small town in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. She shares her live with her husband, two sons and daughter. If she isn't reading she is writing.
Her preferred genres are Paranormal and Urban fantasy. Karen specializes in payroll and HRIS systems analysis and development. At the age of 21 Karen's professional success reached its highest platform, an outstanding achievement at such a young age.
Media Links –
Amazon / Blog / Facebook / Goodreads / Twitter

clip_image010Elizabeth Kirke wanted to be an author before she even knew what an author was. She used to say that she wanted to be an artist, but that was only because she was too young to write and had to tell stories with pictures instead. She hasn't stopped writing since she learned how. It wasn't long before she dreamed of becoming an author and couldn't be happier now that that dream is a reality.
If she isn't writing...well, let's be honest; if she isn't writing she's probably on Facebook thinking that she should start writing. But, if she isn't writing or on Facebook, she's probably doing something involving books, baking, gardening, or yarn.
Like most slightly-nosy, avid readers, Elizabeth can't resist trying to catch a peek at books she sees people reading when out in public to see if she can figure out what it is. While doing just that one day, she realized that it would probably be the coolest-thing-ever if she caught a complete stranger reading one of her books. That's her new dream.
Media Links-
Facebook / Blog
USA TODAY Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is the author of the Forever Fae series, as well as the Second Chances standalone series, and her NA romantic suspense standalone called Love, Lies, and Deception. She lives in the beautiful state of North Carolina with her husband, her two wild girls, and her rambunctious kitten Katrina.
Before she began her career in the literary world, L.P. Dover spent her years going to college and then graduated to cleaning teeth, which she loved doing. At least until the characters in her head called her away. She has never been the same since.
Media Links -
Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon / / Website / Blog
clip_image014Windy City writer Elizabeth Marx brings cosmopolitan flair to her fiction, which is a blend of romance and fast-paced Chicago living with a sprinkle of magical realism. In her past incarnation she was an interior designer—not a decorator—which basically means she has a piece of paper to prove that she knows how to match and measure things and can miraculously make mundane pieces of furniture appear to be masterpieces. Elizabeth says being an interior designer is one part shrink, one part marriage counselor and one part artist, skills eerily similar to those employed in writing.
Elizabeth grew up in Illinois and has also lived in Texas and Florida. If she's not pounding her head against the wall trying to get the words just right, you can find her at a softball field out in the boonies or sitting in the bleachers by a basketball court. Elizabeth resides with her husband, girls, and two cats who've spelled everyone into believing they're really dogs.
Elizabeth has traveled extensively, but still says there's no town like Chi-Town.
Jenna Pizzi is the bestselling author of the NA Destined series, as well as her romantic standalones Sweet Serendipity and Chance Encounters, and her romantic suspense The Long Road Home. She lives in Massachusetts with her children, her lazy old dog, and three cats that adopted her as their pet. When she is not writing, she loves spending time walking the beach, collecting rocks with her children, or exploring the deep dark woods of New England. When the muse calls and there is a heartstring to pull, you’ll find Jenna creating a world that will touch many lives.
Media Links-
Morgan Black is a hair stylist by day and hottie writer by night. She walks her dogs in high heels and never leaves the house without red lipstick. She firmly believes in the power of Zen, and does Yoga freely in her backyard, in her favorite set of pumps.
You can find her steamy writing at
She also designs eBook covers at Cover Up Designs.

Jenna Pizzi is the bestselling author of the NA Destined series, as well as her romantic standalones Sweet Serendipity and Chance Encounters, and her romantic suspense The Long Road Home. She lives in Massachusetts with her children, her lazy old dog, and three cats that adopted her as their pet. When she is not writing, she loves spending time walking the beach, collecting rocks with her children, or exploring the deep dark woods of New England. When the muse calls and there is a heartstring to pull, you’ll find Jenna creating a world that will touch many lives.
Media Links -
Website / Email / Facebook / Twitter

clip_image020Kimberly Larson, author of the Contemporary Romance novel,"If I Didn't Have You," lives in Southeast, Michigan, with her two gorgeous children who are four and six. She loves to read, especially Romance and Young Adult novels that have that one encounter or connection between two people that is so strong. It keeps you wanting to read about them so much more and you just can’t help but feel it through the reading
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Dead Plains - Anglea Scott

Red and Trace are back on the road with their extended family trying to keep one step ahead of the zombie hoard. This time Red is heavily pregnant and they are searching for a place to call home. But there is nowhere safe, nothing is permanent and death is everywhere.

I have followed Red through her journeys, from the first time she met Trace, their growing relationship and dysfunctional family that they seem to collect everywhere they go. As with the other books, Angela Scott paints a very vivid picture. The constant presence of zombies, forever in the background and of course occasionally right in the middle of the fray. The tension builds up nicely though I was more than half way through when they were thrown into some real action. At times the pace was a little slow but, wow can the author bring you to your knees.

She isn’t afraid to hurt the characters, pulling at the heart strings. I don’t want to give things away but what he wanted to do to Jack or was it Ace when he first saw him and let’s not get started on Davis. The last quarter never stopped, it kept you wanted to read on, needing to know what was going to happen. Her writing as always is good, and I can’t fault the editing. I really did enjoy this series, if a little slow in places, but maybe I like a good beheading more than most.

Zombie West by Angela Scott: Blog Tour

Get the Zombie West Omnibus on Amazon. 
ZOMBIES! The Wild West! Romance! Mayhem!
Angela Scott's Zombie West Omnibus has all this, and more!
"...this is one of the most unique concepts I've come across." --Brian, Amazon reviewer
"These books had me on the edge of my seat and at one point in book three I had to set the book down and pull myself out of the story so I wouldn't cry." --Emily Pearce, Amazon reviewer
"This series is one that will stay with you for a long time, prompting you to want to read it again and again." --Tracy Haidle, Amazon reviewer

About the Zombie West Omnibus

Zombie West Omnibus Angela Scott
The Wild West is hard enough to survive with its native territory, wanted outlaws, and harsh terrain, but with a plague turning civilized people into brain-eating monsters, survival becomes nearly impossible. Red has lost everything to the fast-spreading disease: her family, her trust in mankind, and her hope for a better tomorrow. When she meets Trace, a smooth-talking gambling man who’s more city boy than cowboy, she’s forced down a path she’d been avoiding for years. Until his arrival, she’d lived by a certain set of rules—don’t ask names, keep to yourself, don’t let anyone too close—but the jackass of a man won’t let her be, and he has an uncanny knack for appearing at all the wrong times and in all the wrong places. Each, with a secret of their own, will need to learn that only by working together do they have any chance of surviving The Zombie West. That is, if they don’t kill each other first. [Angela Scott’s Zombie West Omnibus includes the three books in the Zombie West series WANTED: DEAR OR UNDEAD, SURVIVOR ROUNDUP, and DEAD PLAINS. Find these books on AmazonBarnes & NobleiTunesKobo, and Smashwords.] Genre classification: YA/Western Romance/Action and Adventure/ with added zombies for utter mayhem.

About Angela Scott

Angela Scott
Angela Scott hears voices. Tiny fictional people sit on her shoulders and whisper their stories in her ear. Instead of medicating herself, she decided to pick up a pen, write down everything those voices tell me, and turn it into a book. She’s not crazy. She’s an author. For the most part, she writes contemporary Young Adult novels. However, through a writing exercise that spiraled out of control, she found herself writing about zombies terrorizing the Wild Wild West–and loving it. Her zombies don’t sparkle, and they definitely don’t cuddle. At least, she wouldn’t suggest it. She lives on the benches of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains with two lovely children, one teenager, and a very patient husband. She graduated from Utah State University with a B.A. degree in English, not because of her love for the written word, but because it was the only major that didn’t require math. She can’t spell, and grammar is her arch nemesis. But they gave her the degree, and there are no take backs. 
  Find Angela Scott on her

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Find the Zombie West Trilogy on Amazon. Don't forget to add the Zombie West Omnibus to your Goodreads to-read shelf. Connect with Angela Scott on her websiteFacebookTwitter, and Goodreads. a Rafflecopter giveaway