Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Paper Towns - John Green - Not my thing

Quentin is the boy next door, who is infatuated with a troubled girl called Margo. What drew him in was on a traumatic event they both shared when they were nine. He has kept a close eye on her ever since. Margo is a free spirit and he is a geek, what chance does he have?

Quentin does get his chance just after graduation, but in the early hours she slips away and disappears. This is nothing new she has done this before, though as the days tick by everyone starts to worry. The boy begins to investigate and finds clues that could help him get to her.

I read Fault in out Stars and the content kept me reading as I found his style wanting. I hoped in this book that the prose would be more to my liking. Unfortunately it was not. There was nothing wrong with the writing; it was simply not for me.

It meant that the plot had to keep me riveted but it didn’t. The concept wasn’t a bad one, with Margo leaving clues for only Quentin to follow. The problem was that they were such random clues that it was pure luck that he finally found her and when he did I felt nothing. The girl got on my nerves and the narrative became so slow throughout, that I just wanted it to finish.

I did like the explanation of what a paper town is, so I learnt something but this book simply is not for me. I gave it three stars as other than the plot and pace, which I understand is a biggy, there was nothing wrong with it and I would expect that most people who enjoyed other John Green books will no doubt enjoy this to.