Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hello there everyone, long time no write.

Working through a course at the moment, and they came up with an exercise to develop your character. I thought it was worth sharing.

The first it to list the major actions of the character from end to start, so here goes:-


Sacrifices herself
Agrees to face Alphamor
Tapping into her power to save lives.
Discovers she's different, the glowing girl
Agrees to help in the fight
Reluctantly helps a 'spinner' from the second realm
Hides in an abandoned building

Now analyse the list to see the wants and needs of the character:-

Food and shelter, friendship, to know who she is, where she came from.
She is aware of her basic needs. When she's alone, she feels safe. She doesn't want company, however the final act shows she has friends, she is willing to give it all up for them. Tapping into her power, letting it grow, shows unconsciously, that she wants to know about her past, about her heritage.

How does she see herself:-

Streetwise, not intelligent, tough, a loner, independent, cautious, unlovable, damaged.

How others see her:-

Tough, no nonsense, thief, outsider.

Important physical characteristics:- A back full of scars and one wrapping around her neck.