About me

Writing was something I always enjoyed but if you ask my high school teachers they may argue that enjoying is not the same as being any good. 

Once I became a mum. I made up stories and poems, with my kids. I remember one about a flea in a cup of tea ... We even played them out sometimes, the accents I could never quite manage.

Writing is one of those things that I took a little more seriously, once the kids went to school full time. It kept me sane, those voices in my head actually became useful.

It was never up there as a job but can't say anything ever was. There was a time that I traveled Europe dancing in Latin American competitions but at my age my legs can't take it, though I have been caught doing a foxtrot across the kitchen before now.

I wrote my first book pretty quickly but then it sat in a draw for a long time. I'm glad someone was daft ... , I mean brave enough to take it on.

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