Monday, 17 June 2013

What a difference a 'Book' makes

When I first started to write it was something to keep me occupied when my boys went into full time education. I work part time but when I wasn't working I needed a project to keep my brain from giving up altogether, though I know some of you think it's too late for that and you never know you may have a point.

I had no pre-conceived ideas of what I was supposed to do, I simply sat in front of my computer and wrote and wrote. At no point did I stop and look at what I'd done, I just did and I'm telling you it wasn't pretty. My first draft had every minute detail in it but it didn't matter it wasn't for anyone to read just for me to keep busy. It went into a draw and I started again on a different project. After a little time I pulled it out, passed it to a friend who thought there was potential and that's when the hard work started. I edited and edited to a point that I felt it wasn't the same book, it had lost its spark, so I re-wrote the whole thing. Did I mention that I had no idea what I was doing.

Luckily for me I sent it to a great editor that happened to be part of Anchor Group Publishing and for her sins, she asked if I would like them to publish Pulse. There was no bribery or witchcraft involved I promise.

I have since written the second in the series and sent it back off to Melissa, the said editor and fingers crossed it will be coming out later this year. I have now started the last in the trilogy and unconsciously noticed that I am editing as I go along. Which I know 'may' save me time in the long run but feel that some of my flow has been stifled. Strange isn't it, that I hate leaving all the editing until the end but feel it stops me from writing when I do it after each chapter, maybe I'm strange, no scratch that, I am strange and proud of it.

So what has been my solution, well I am back to paper and pen. I have always loved writing on paper and now I remember why. When writing directly onto the computer I have to think and structure each sentence however with paper and pen I can write the same sentence ten times if I want to and it never looks strange because nobody else is going to see it, let's be honest nobody else would be able to read it, I could have been a doctor with the state of my handwriting. I have even written the same scene two or three times, now that may look a little silly on a laptop but on a piece of paper it's just what I need.

I will leave with the image of a growing mountain of exercise books, filled with my nonsense taking over my bed room, living room and creeping into the kitchen.

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