Monday, 25 November 2013

All Saints - All Stars

I recently visited a local school and I have to say they were a great bunch of children. Their enthusiasm was infectious.

I went to simply talk to them about books, any books, but of course mine might have been mentioned. The reception was very welcoming. Some of them had work for me to read, others had so many questions that we just couldn't fit them all in. I could have been there for another hour and not have time to answer all their questions.

The work they produced for me was great, a real treat for me to read, I think there may be a budding writer or two in the group. It's great to see children get so worked up about reading, they all read on a regular basis and wanted to tell me all about the books they loved.

If only we could involve more children, it seems so uncool to the majority and it is such a shame. Reading can open so many doors, show you what you can achieve, or lead you to a new world to loose yourself in.

What would it take to make all children interested in reading? What a question, right? If we could engage them at an early age then we would have them for life. But what do they want, let's face it, time with their parents. I still remember listening to my mum read to me and to my sons and they have a healthy appetite when it comes to books. Spending time to share all those stories, what could be better?

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