Monday, 2 June 2014

Maze Runner - James Dashner - Children suriving against the odds, again.

When the noise of the lift wakes Thomas, all he can remember is his first name. He is not the only one. When the lift opens, he finds himself in the Glade. It is a walled compound that holds dozens of boys and there only memory is from the moment they appear in the lift. They have no idea how they arrived, what is on the outside and what awaits them if they ever get out. It is not going to be easy, they are surrounded by a maze, that shifts its walls every night and where the Grievers wait to tear them to shreds.

They don’t know much, but still work as a unit to survive and try and find a safe way out. Thomas becomes an instant threat, he is different. There is something that makes the other boys suspicious and nothing he can do can change their minds, especially when things stop working and the end of their existence looms just over the horizon.

I was looking forward to this book. Yes it is another young adult read and yes, it is about a group of children, but I surprised myself when I quickly thought I couldn’t read anymore about kids trying to survive against the odds. Everything had such a familiar feel to it that I just wanted to finish it. There was nothing wrong with the writing style, it flowed well, read at a nice pace but I didn’t feel it, didn’t really care what happened to Thomas or his friends. You knew where it was going, only not how many would die trying to escape.

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