Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Change of perspective - Four - A Divergent story collection - Veronica Roth

Tobias Eaton is a young man left with his father after his mother tragically dies, or at least that is the story told by the Abnegation elite and one that he believes. It doesn’t help him deal with the abusive father, one who needs control in all aspects of his life and that includes his divergent son.
Unable to cope with the thought of continuing to live with his father when he has the chance to escape, he grabs it with both hands and runs into the changing faction of Dauntless. Flying threw his initiation, after all what is pain to someone who has grown up with it, he is offered the role of leader. Initially he believes he can make a difference but soon realises that he is a simple pawn and quickly withdraws.

Then of course he meets Tris and his world is changed forever.

The book is a collection of not stories as such but scenes in Four’s life. From why he left Abnegation, how he became a teacher of the initiates and how he real felt about Tris. As with all people who read this, you already know the stories but it is interesting. One of his fears where he shoots an innocent, I thought his fear stemmed from the fear of following orders and this was not the case. It was a new side to him.

As with the initial series I am not a great lover of the style of writing. It seems immature at times and I wanted more, but as with the first two books, it caught my interest. I can see why she first wrote it from Four’s point of view before Tris became her main focus.

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