Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Forgotten - Cat Patrick

Every night when London falls asleep her brain resets, and she wakes with no knowledge of her past. Of course she writes notes each night so that she knows what people have said, what she’s done. There is something else about London that is unusual, though she forgets the past she sees into the future. Not just a day or two ahead but whole lives of those around her.

Her world turns upside down when she meets Luke. At first it would seem that things are moving on and her life is getting better. Now she has a boyfriend, but her friend Jamie is heading down a dark path, her mother is lying to her and why does Luke never feature in her future memories?

I liked this concept, the fact that she didn’t freak out with the lack of memory thanks to seeing the future is something that I hadn’t read before. Slowly explaining her situation, and through her eyes, we see how she pieces her past with her future. The story expands, not only with her fractured relationship with Jamie, but with the growing mystery around Luke and now her father. I found that it grabbed me and I needed to read on. The pace is nice and the little snippets handed out are enough to keep you hooked.

As a whole it isn’t too taxing. It is a short read that gives us a slice of her life, a very important part but a slice nevertheless. Read it two sittings I would recommend this for a change to the norm.

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