Monday, 5 November 2012

Willow (Blood vine series) – Amy Richie

From the very beginning we found out that Willow is not a typical teenager. She is a werewolf and has known for sometime, so she isn’t allowed to act like a normal girl. No connections, no friends, the only company she has is a narcissistic foster mother, Bella and an annoying little sister, Ivy.

As life moves on she is thrown into a new terrifying situation, she has been chosen to lead a pack of werewolves that she didn’t even know existed.

The book is written with a nice sense of humour throughout. I like the connection she makes with her new pack and her relationship with Gage, which of course provides an important part of the story. The writing is nice and easy and flows well. Richie draws a good picture of the world she created in a not so run of the mill werewolf story and it keeps you reading to the very end.

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