Saturday, 22 December 2012

Are you listening to me? Well are you?

I apologise for ignoring everyone out there but the holidays are coming, or so a certain advert tells me. Are we all done and raring to go, for a  change, I am. I have bought, spending way too much, everyones presents and even wrapped the majority. Go me!

Pulling myself away from the festive celebrations I still managed to finish the first draft of book two in the series of the Sword of Idis and I have even been writing a book aimed at just one person. How many times do you read a story and feel it didn't end they way you would like, well I promised to write a story just for her and I owe her BIG. Did you hear that Jane? She is the person I turn to when I need to ramble about where a book is going and boy do I ramble. As a writer, we all need someone who will put up with our nonsense because every writer wants someone who can understand how and why they do it. They feel that everyone should have their passion and love of books, regardless of the type of book. And I love books and films I have to admit. Jane may say I have to analyse everything and she sits and suffers through it all. This feels like a GO Jane post and maybe it is as I wanted to say to writers that you need that person, whether its a partner, teacher or a good friend.

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