Monday, 31 December 2012

Wanted: Dead or Undead - Angela Scott

Red is a woman who needs or wants no one, it only complicates life. She is travelling east to find her brother, fighting zombies along the way. A plaque has hit the country, possibly the world but Red can take care of herself. The trouble is, after running into Trace at a saloon, she is no longer alone and she doesn’t really know what he wants from her. As they continue to travel, they pick up more and more people, all of whom discover why she is so good at killing zombies.

Angela Scott writes with a lovely descriptive piece of work, in fact the image of the baby in the cot stayed with me when I closed my eyes. I liked the feisty MC, she takes nonsense from no one but as the story continues and we learn of her horrendous life, we get to see her softer side. Trace is more of a gentleman than cowboy but again it works in the relationship between them.

The idea of treating zombies as a plague has intrigued me for some time and unlike recent books about the apocalypse there are no bombs, weapons of mass destruction that can wipe out some of the numbers, here you just have a gun, a sword and they are greatly outnumbered. What I like about this book is the change in Red and what grows within her and wondering whether it will take over.

It is nicely written, paced well and good strong characters. I will be reading the second book.

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