Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This is so Amazeballs!

Let's Chillax, grab a cup of Jo and enjoy this little post!

Annoying isn't it? I recently read a book by a well known author where it revolved around a group of teenagers and she threw in a good few swear words, together with words that are trendy at this moment in time. Why?

This type of witing soon becomes out dated and if we are honest, it never sounds right. I hope as a young adult author that I have captured the right voice without dragging myself down to that level. I understand that if I was thrown into a conversation with a group of teenagers, I would get lost very quickly, and quite right too. I'm afraid to say that I am not the youth I used to be, who'd have known it. Don't smirk people.

As a writer you want to tell your story as you envisioned it in your head and to do that you have to open up, put a lot of yourself in it. I have visited emotional places to write some scenes but isn't that what the reader wants. They need to feel what its like to struggle, to hate, to love, to survive and its down to the writer to make them feel every emotion.Of course its scary, what will people think, will they appreciate that you have shown them your scars to get to this place?

Well look at my scars people and enjoy.

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