Monday, 4 March 2013

Time, what time!

It's here!

As authors isn't this what we have been working for, a book out there for all the world to see. Well here is my time, my debut novel which at the exact same time is totally thrilling, a true high, yet also terrifying.

The problem is that I have spent so much time trying to get organized for the launch that I have forgotten, well not forgotten but ignored the most important element, the reader. It has been so long since I have posted anything on my blog that I am ashamed I tell you, ashamed. If you could see me now I have my head held low.

As this is my first novel I am unaware of how things have changed over the years but even though I knew it would be hard work and if I want my book noticed I have to get out into the world, the on-line world it would seem, it still has taken up so much more of my time than I expected.

I love writting; in fact I decided to write a book, just for myself to keep me sane when the boys went into full time education. I still love writing, I can't get enough, but this side to it makes it a little harder to enjoy. What I need is a balance and while I am still learning the ropes I haven't found it, yet. Though I will if I keep at it. Won't I? Please tell me I will, someone? Anyone.

Time management! I hear you shouting 'what!' but that's what I need to do. We all do it, thinking I just need to have a look at my Facebook page or email accounts just in case someone needs me, then an hour or two have disappeared and you have done nothing to either promote your work or hey any actually work. So as well as keeping up with reading and reviewing on here, I will keep you informed of my weekly rant. I will of course try and add something educational from time to time and if any of you out there would like to know anything specific just holler or better still email me and I'll do my best to oblige.

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