Monday, 13 October 2014

Q&A with Garth Nix

I have been to book signings before though this was a little different. Reading the initial series of the Abhorsen trilogy I was looking forward to hearing him speak. Initially he read from his new book Clariel which takes us back to the Old Kingdom and the free magic. We follow a sixteen year old girl, Clariel who finds herself in the confines of the city instead of the freedom of the forest. A free magic creature is now loose in the city and she is given the chance to prove her worth.

After the reading Garth Nix spoke a little about his new book and then took questions. It was obvious from the type of questions that the people in the audience were fanatical about his books. They required very particular answers, which from my view who read some of his books years ago made me smile and wonder if I would be the same if I had a chance to talk to one of my favourite authors.

He was always polite, funny and unassuming which made everyone feel at ease. Once the session was done he very kindly took the time to sign books and some people brought their whole collection and he never batted an eyelid.

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