Friday, 24 October 2014

Sally Green & Lauren Owen

An afternoon of dark, supernatural fiction with two scintillating new writers. The Quick, the well-received first novel from Lauren Owen, travels from the tragedy shared by a young brother and sister on a Yorkshire estate to the rooms of London’s mysterious Aegolius Club. 
Lauren Owen still had the enthusiasm of youth, her love of all things Victorian and gothic was something you couldn't ignore. With her story of her youth and a scary old school, she painted a great picture of what life was like. 

Sally Green’s Half Bad is the first volume of a new young adult series set in a modern England where witches and humans warily co-exist. A fast-paced supernatural thriller with more than a few narrative tricks up its sleeve.
This was an interesting talk, both spoke about how they came to the stories in their books and the processes behind how they work. What really hit home with me was listening to Sally Green. She fell into writing, a lot like I did. It wasn't something she had always dreamed of, simply something she became interested in once she had children. On a creative writing course she began to wander into short stories and found her love of writing in 2nd person, something that I can't say I would ever try. You could say that it's a little like marmite, you either love it or hate it. 

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