Saturday, 17 August 2013

All quiet on the Western Front

I have to start off by saying sorry for leaving a post so long. Summer doesn't just mean holidays but children off school which of me, means getting very little done. How you are supposed to keep them busy, tidy up after them, work, write and keep updated on the blog, I have no idea, in case you were going to ask.

There are so many authors that manage that and so much more, but my organization skills need a lot of work. What have I been doing? Trying to get a few more reviews for Pulse was and still is a priority and I recently came across a site that gives a good comprehensive list of blogs that you can use.

It's a good start but there is so much more, there are also some great sites on Facebook that will provide reviews, if you ask nicely, and of course I always do, don't I??

For those of you that are interested, the second in the Sword of Idis series, Awaken, will be released soon and if I do ever get my organizational skills sorted I will be posting cover reveals and the odd excerpt on here in the very near future. What am I saying, if you are interested, of course you are, you are my peeps. :D

In the meantime what would you like to see in respect of my new release? Games, competitions, giveaways, excerpts, maybe short stories relating to characters you love? What do you want to see, please let me know.

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