Monday, 19 August 2013

The Wolverine

The Wolverine

Release date: 25th July 2013

Top Billing: Hugh Jackman

                       Tao Okamoto

The story is set shortly after the last X-Men film. Unable to come to terms with killing the love of his life, Jean, so much so he is living in a cave in the middle of nowhere and if it was possible, trying to kill himself with booze.

It quickly turns to action, where it is at its best, when he is asked to meet someone he saved a long time ago. Reluctantly he agrees but surprise, surprise things do not go according to plan, well at least not for him and we are set on a roller coaster of action pumping thrills and spills, as he tries to save the latest woman in his life. The dying man offers him mortality, a way out for his tortuous life but when is it ever that simply for Wolverine?

The action sequences are as always the best parts of the film, you don’t expect much of a plot, bad guys want to use Wolverine in some way and he struggles through with his usual grumpy but loveable angry tone. As a woman I know I shouldn’t complain but the film makers were really making sure that the female eye had something to look at and boy did we have something to look at. Hugh Jackman was topless for most of the film and at one point totally naked, was that really necessary?

Wolverine Origins showed us how and why he became the man he was but here nothing was resolved, other than the big showdown at the end. I expected a little better, the acting as always was good but the story needed work.


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