Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters

Release Date: 7th August

Top Billing: Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel

This film is the next in the instalment, a few months have passed and Percy is back to training in camp Half Blood. The training isn’t going well, he feels that maybe he is no saviour; maybe they were wrong about him.  When are then introduced to his half brother – who happens to be a Cyclops – and then the adventure begins. The magical force field is destroyed, poisoned and they only way to repair the damage is to find the golden fleece, only Percy is not the only one looking for the fleece. We see the re-emergence of Luke from the last film that has his own plans.

This is fast moving with plenty of action from start to finish. The story actually moves on a little too quickly, giving you no time to think of what and why and because the first film deviated so much from the book, this had to do the same, though nowhere near as bad.

The story is there, just hidden below a lot of fighting and monsters, which is what the kids will love and I have to admit so did I.

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