Monday, 23 November 2015

#LeedsAuthorEvent2016 Spotlight: Neil Winnington

On Saturday 5th March 2016 Hourglass Events will be hosting an author signing with over 60 amazing authors, a beautiful city centre venue and a chance to dine & party with authors & friends in the evening!

The event will be held at the
Leeds Marriott hotel (Website)

4 Trevelyan Square, Boar Lane Leeds England LS1 6ET United Kingdom

Tickets will sell through Eventbrite at a cost of £12.50 per ticket plus a eventbrite booking fee for the signing
AM Tickets ~ 10 am – 12.30 pm
PM Tickets ~ 1.30 pm – 4pm
All day tickets ~ 10 am - 5 pm ( 1-2 pm lunch out of the hall) £20.50 plus booking fee

Masquerade Ball tickets are £46.00 plus a eventbrite booking fee
All author details can be found here Here
 Order your tickets 

Every couple of days from now until then I will be doing a spotlight on my blog for each of the attending authors, I can't wait to meet them all personally on the day!

Today's featured author is...

 Neil Winnington

Author Links:

The Importance of being a Red!
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This is a book by a fan for the fans, taking a humorous journey through anecdotes and personal memories from the glory days of the 1970's and 80's when as a child we all dreamed of playing in the hallowed ground of Anfield and putting on the Red shirt that meant so much.

I explain how being a fan is in the blood, from my Grandfather born within earshot of Anfield to my own daughter's first unborn kick as Stevie Gerrard scored a goal.

I explain what it means to wear the famous red shirt to a local fan, and explore the difference between great players and legends.

I also touch on fair weather fans, including one family member who claims he was brainwashed.

We travel on through the pain of two disasters, and personal tragedy to looking forward with renewed hope to the future.

Whether you are a fan of Liverpool FC or just a sports fan in general there is something for you in here.

Religious Pursuits
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Sergeant Goode is close to his retirement, a situation irritating him enough before a young pen pusher without any respect for village life had been sent to get to know the local patch. When his girlfriend falls fatally during a row, blind panic sets in and Goode makes a hasty exit, triggering a sequence of events which would see a simple accident become the centre of a major police investigation quickly spiralling out of control. Starting with a detective sergeant with a desire to prove his theory that all serious crime can be closely linked to the occult, the villagers, all hiding secrets of varying degrees set up a fake occult meeting complete with a frozen chicken as the animal sacrifice. With a discredited former tabloid journalist, hungry to find the big story that would bring him back into the Fleet Street fold, a village gossip with a murky war-time secret desperate to hide her true identity, and a group of investigators, sent to discredit the local Reverend and protect the church's reputation, all combined to escalate the situation further, this sleepy Devon village soon becomes the centre of a national media scandal. As if things couldn't get any worse, a hostage situation draws in even more police, and even a squad of soldiers led by a battle hungry sergeant with a massive chip on his shoulder, and the story takes on a final twist, before culminating in a car chase like no other and a cliff hanger end.

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