Friday, 13 November 2015

#LeedsAuthorEvent2016 Spotlight: S.J Warner

On Saturday 5th March 2016 Hourglass Events will be hosting an author signing with over 60 amazing authors, a beautiful city centre venue and a chance to dine & party with authors & friends in the evening!

The event will be held at the
Leeds Marriott hotel (Website)

4 Trevelyan Square, Boar Lane Leeds England LS1 6ET United Kingdom

Tickets will sell through Eventbrite at a cost of £12.50 per ticket plus a eventbrite booking fee for the signing
AM Tickets ~ 10 am – 12.30 pm
PM Tickets ~ 1.30 pm – 4pm
All day tickets ~ 10 am - 5 pm ( 1-2 pm lunch out of the hall) £20.50 plus booking fee

Masquerade Ball tickets are £46.00 plus a eventbrite booking fee
All author details can be found here Here
 Order your tickets 

Every couple of days from now until then I will be doing a spotlight on my blog for each of the attending authors, I can't wait to meet them all personally on the day!

Today's featured author is...

S.J Warner

Author Bio:
S.J Warner is a poet and author currently residing in the glorious UK with her husband, three children and  a houseful of pets that keep her busy when she's not writing.

Encouraged by others, S.J began her journey into the world of literature with a short story and has since continued onto self-publication via Amazon.

After the difficult decision to close down her original blog, Warner  took a short break from writing as part of a cleansing relaxation period. But it wasn't too long until she  returned to bestow her work upon the world once more.

As of 2015, S.J Warner is the author of three poetry anthologies, her debut novel as well as appearing in a couple of multi author anthologies.

While regular instalments of poetry and poetry challenges consume her blog, S.J is also working on her next novel.

Stalker Links:

Lust and Lace
Buy Links:
During quiet moments in her life S.J's mind wanders to many different places, some of these wanderings she turns into prose.
This book is a collection of 25 poems, covering many different themes from Lust to Lace but each and every one of them is erotic.
Come lose yourself in this collection of pure eroticism!

Aphrodite's Fire
Buy Links:
Forced to flee from her past Serena finds herself struggling to survive in the seedy world of strippers, never imagining she could be found. 
After changing her identity to hide from those who had massacred her family, her life is far from easy. Just as she begins to feel safe her past catches up with her, a past that remembers her all to well.
One fateful night she finds herself rescued and befriended by Luca, an elegant man that she doesn't recognise as the threat he could be. 
Over the years Luca's adoration of her memory had kept him sustained as he sought to find the young girl he had fallen in love with. Upon finding her, he finds himself determined to protect her from the dark forces that seek her demise. 
What Serena is yet to learn as she finds herself falling in love with Luca is he is in the employ of the very man who needs her silenced. 
With warped and twisted enforcers actively hunting them Luca tries to sideline those that hunt her with false information not realising just how close the danger really is. 
The two lovers soon find they are snared at every turn. Can they move beyond their pained pasts and the danger of the present to buy themselves a future or will the sadistic enemy they face rip their lives apart?

Buy Links:
Explore this sinfully, delicious collection of passionate prose and poems that will stir your appetite for the sensual and awaken a taste for the erotic and exotic. As one reader said, "Let S.J's words transport you to a world of erotic sensuality so enthralling, you will be unwilling to leave".

This collection contains adult themes and therefore NOT intended for minors.

From the heart
Buy Links:
In this collection of poetry and prose S.J takes a step away from the erotic and explores all different aspects of love, life and heart break as well as taking a trip into the mystical. Let her lead you through life and emotion with poetry that comes straight from her heart.

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